Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ODNA Meeting Minutes - March 11, 2015

ODNA Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2015

Captain Orlando Lilly, the new precinct 12 commander, stopped by to introduce himself to us.  Captain Lilly is looking forward to working with the community and stressed the importance of communication with the community. 

Officer Mussini was also in attendance to let us know what’s been going on Old Dundalk.
o   He noted an increase in thefts from cars.  In many instances the cars had been left unlocked.  A reminder to double check that you’ve locked your car and to not leave anything good inside your car.   
o   Officer Mussini has also been working on making Veterans Park to make it more neighborhood friendly.  He will be walking the park with several county and community leaders to discuss the issues.  He has also contacted the VFW and American Legion about coming back to the park to spruce up the memorials in the park.
o   Also, Officer Mussini has arraigned for us to have some volunteers from the JOINS program to help clean up on Dumpster Day (April 18th).  More details to come, but we will be looking for a few volunteers to work with the JOINS group in cleaning up Old Dundalk.
Both Captain Lilly and Officer Mussini are available by email if you have a question or concern:

o   Captain Lilly is olilly@baltimorecountymd.gov
o   Officer Mussini is gmussini@baltimorecountymd.gov

DUMPSTER DAY is April 18th!  
  • The dumpsters will be on the parking lot across from the Church of the Brethren at the corner of Shipway and Yorkway from 7am to Noon. 
  • We will have six dumpsters to fill with almost anything.  We are unable to accept tires, paint & paint thinner, varnish, items containing Freon such as refrigerators/air-conditioners, electronics or other hazardous materials.  Also, we cannot accept YARD WASTE – Yard waste should be put out for pick up on April 9th and 23rd.
  • We need to get the word out!  ODNA will be creating a flyer to distribute directly to homes within out footprint by the first week of April.  If you can help with this project, please email olddundalk@gmail.com.
  • We will also advertise in the Eagle, on our website, with the DRC, and on Facebook. 
  • Please pass the word along to your neighbors!  We want to fill all six dumpsters!

Treasures Report:  We have a balance of  $230

Our next meeting is Wednesday, May 13th at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center

Just a reminder our membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  Don’t wait to the last minute, renew your membership now!  Use "Contact Us" to request an application.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

ODNA Meeting - March 11, 2015 at 7pm!

ODNA Meeting Reminder

Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 11th at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center (2nd floor, the Y Building).

On the Agenda:  Jenn Wassman from the DRC will be on hand to talk about various opportunities for homeowners in Dundalk; Office Mussini will share what’s been going on around the neighborhood and hear your concerns; DUMPSTER DAY (April 18th) is coming and we’ve got a bunch to do to get ready and get the word out!!; Megga Egga is set for March 28th – Angel has asked if we want to participate with a craft table?; and FYI - St. Patrick’s Day Parade is March 14th.

Hope to see you there!