Thursday, December 11, 2014

With much sadness, I learned this week about the passing of longtime member and friend, Alice Fogle.  Over the years, Alice was a constant presence at all our meeting and events, most recently helping at the Fall Family Fun Festival this past October.  I know we will miss her support and willingness to help, but we will miss her warm smile and genuine heart much more.

Becky Terjung
President, ODNA

(see the Dundalk Eagle or Baltimore Sun for her obituary notice)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ODNA Meeting Minutes - November 12, 2014

Officer Mussini reported:
  • Some good news! Over the last two months there have been few calls for service in our area for things like theft, burglaries, vandalism, etc.  
  • There has been a “group” hanging out at the Dundalk Village Center causing problems.  The police have been working with Blue Ocean (the property owners), merchants and the DRC to address this problem.  In addition, Blue Ocean has hired security guards.
  • With the cold weather, car thefts in the area tend to rise as people begin letting their cars warm up.  Don’t leave your car running to warm it up, even if it’s locked!  It’s very easy for car thieves to break in, then drive off in your car.
  • Lighting! Lighting! Lighting!  It only costs a couple of dollars a year using a cfl light bulb to leave your porch light on all night.  Criminals don’t like lighted porches or backyards.  If you need a cfl bulb for your porch or back yard light, contact ODNA at  and we will get one to you.

Glenn presented the “position paper” on the redevelopment of the Seagrams property from ODNA he has been working on.   Among the items addressed are the density of the housing units, the small amount of green space and storm water management.   Part of the project includes $100,000 for a community benefit.  We discussed proposing a “make over” for Veterans Park, with the idea to make the park more inviting for all users, and less inviting for those who just want to loiter and cause trouble.  Ideas included a new, more open, lighted gazebo; moving the benches to the perimeter of the park; thinning the trees and making the landscape more open to creating less places to hide and more visibility of the shops from Dundalk Ave. 

December 6th is the Holiday Hoopla at the Dundalk Village Center

December 19th, ODNA will be again participating in “Luminary Night” sponsored by the Dundalk Historical Society.  We will be placing luminaries on the Shipway side of Heritage park.  We need just a couple of volunteers to help with setting up and collecting the luminaries after the event.  Interested?  Email me at

Also discussed:
  • We will be holding a Spring Dumpster Day in April to coordinate with Earth Week.  More details to come.
  • How can we better communicate and promote ODNA?  How can we attract more members?  Ideas included sending a mailing or just leaving flyers at each house.  Breaking the neighborhood up and finding “block captains” to spread the word, recruit new members, encourage participation.  Partnering with other groups in the area like the DRC, the Dun-Logan group to pool our resources. 
  • Other projects we’d like to tackle including getting some better lighting throughout the neighborhood, getting numbers on the back of houses.

What do you think - Send your ideas and comments to

Our next meeting is January 14, 2015 at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center!  

Becky Terjung, President

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Next Meeting!! November 12th, 7pm, Dundalk Community Center

ODNA Meeting Reminder
Wednesday, November 12th at 7pm
Dundalk Community Center

On the agenda:
Update from Officer Mussini about what's been going on in the area
Recap of the Family Fall Festival and our first Fall Dumpster Day
Planning and Brainstorming for Spring:
 -- Dumpster Day
 -- Clean Up
 -- Membership
 -- other ideas???

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Community Clean Up and Dumpster Day!! Sat. November 1st - 8am to Noon

Saturday November 1st from 8am to Noon 
Join us in cleaning up along Dundalk Avenue and throughout the Old Dundalk Neighborhood. We'll also have DUMPSTERS available to Old Dundalk Neighborhood residents. The dumpsters will be on the Church of the Brethren parking lot at the corner of Yorkway and Shipway. If you can help with clean up we'll be meeting at the Dumpsters at 8am.

Please no recyclables, yard waste, hazardous chemicals, paint, tires or electronics. 
Questions?  Contact us at

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Notes from the September 10, 2014 Meeting

ODNA Meeting Notes
September 10, 2014

Saturday, September 27th is the Dundalk Housing Fair and Neighborhood Tours From 9am to 2pm at Dundalk/Sollers Point High Schools.  In addition to information for new buyers / renters in Dundalk, there will be renovation experts on hand for current  area homeowners.  Visit for more information.

Saturday, October 25th is the Family Fall Festival ODNA will host a craft table making paper plate Jack-o-Lanterns.  This year we want to have lots of eyes and noses and mouths pre-cut for the kids.  If you’d like to help cut out shapes or help on the day of the event, please let know.  The festival runs from 10am to 2pm in Veterans Park, plus a little time after for cleaning up. 
o   THANKS to those who’ve already said they would help!   
o   This is always a great event!  I encourage everyone to stop by and enjoy the festival!

Saturday, November 1st is our Fall Clean Up Day.  We are looking into the possibility of getting a couple of dumpsters and we’d like to organize a group to clean up along Dundalk Avenue and  perhaps throughout the neighborhood.  This event will run from 8am to Noon.  If you’d like to help with the dumpsters or along Dundalk Avenue, please let know!
·         Don’t have the entire morning to volunteer, then join us by simply taking 10-15 minutes to pick up the trash in alley or along your street.  

Officer Mussini was not able to attend our September meeting, but he left a report for the month of July and August with me.  Over those two months, there were 467 calls for service.  There was nothing unusual on this report.  There were 23 calls about narcotics, 57 about suspicious subjects, and only 9 calls for burglaries.  If you have any questions or concerns, send them to and I will pass them along.

ODNA is going to put together a “position paper” on the redevelopment of the Seagrams property.   Among the items we are going to address are the proposed density of the development and the community benefit.  Part of the project includes $100,000 for a community benefit.  We talked about replanting trees in Heritage Park, a Skate Park  . . . . . 
What would you like to see?  Send your ideas and comments to

Amber Collins from Retrofit Baltimore was at our meeting to talk about grand funds available for home energy upgrades.  Retrofit Baltimore is a non-profit organization that will conduct an energy assessment of your home for a fee ($100).  After the assessment, they will provide you with a list of improvements to make your home more energy efficient.  In addition, depending upon your income, you can receive a discount of 70% to 100% off the cost of improvements.  Questions?  Contact Amber at 410-929-6172 or   
·         I’m signed up for my assessment in October.  I will share my results at our next meeting.

The Baby Boomer / Senior Expo is coming up October 22nd and 23rd.  ODNA has a few complimentary tickets for October 23rd if anyone is interested.  First come, First served -send an email to   For more information about the expo, visit
Our next meeting is November 12, 2014 at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center!  

Becky Terjung, President ODNA

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ODNA Meeting - September 10th - 7pm Dundalk Community Center

ODNA Meeting
September 10, 2014
7pm – Dundalk Community Center

On the agenda:

  •  Do we want to schedule a fall cleanup/dumpster day?
  •  Fall project ideas.  Do we want to organize a project putting house numbers on the rear of homes in the neighborhood?
  •  Family Fall Fun day is October 25th.  Do we want to participate again this year?
  •  Updates on the Vontran, Gov Center, Dundalk Ave projects. 

Hope you can join us!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ODNA Summer News

Thanks to all who turned out for our picnic and meeting in the park.  It was a great time with lots of great food and friends!!!

John Vontran came by to talk about his plans for the Seagrams property.  He is looking to build a townhouse community consisting of 180 or so new homes.  The three story homes would similar to those being constructed in Canton on Oldham Street and would sell between $200K and $250K.  His proposal also includes a $100K community benefit.
A community meeting regarding this proposal is set for Thursday, July 17th at 7 pm  at the North Point Public Library.

Rebecca from DRC also came by to talk about National Night Out on August 5th.  ODNA will again be working with the Dun-Logan group, the New Light Lutheran Church and the DRC to host National Night Out in Veterans Park this year.  Our goal is to “take back” Veterans Park from those who hang out there, at least for the night.  We will be coordinating with Baltimore County Police on this effort as well.  There will be food and fun and games for all.  
Please mark your calendars and plan to join us in Veterans Park on Tuesday August 5th for National Night Out.  We’ll start about 6:30pm.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Meeting Notes - May 12,2014

ODNA Meeting Minutes May 14, 2014 – 7pm at the Dundalk Community Center

Wow! Great turnout at this month’s meeting, including a few new to the neighborhood. Welcome and Thanks for attending!

Officer Mussini had quite a report for us . . . . and it was really pretty good!

  • In the last two months, there were 397 calls for service, only 108 of those calls resulted in actual reports. In the coming months, the police will be focusing on the “Lower Dundalk” area which includes ODNA, St. Helena, Turner’s Station and Dun-Logan neighborhoods.
  • Reminder to call 911 (not the precinct number) to report suspicious activity, things that need to be checked out, or anything unusual. Baltimore County’s 911 system is equipped to handle and route non-emergency calls. This system also allows for tracking and follow up on non-emergency calls. Calls made to the precinct number can see a delayed response as they need to be entered into the 911 system. 

Things to look out for and call 911 about this summer:

  • Large groups of kids on bicycles, riding in the street, impeding /harassing drivers. 
  • Cell phone snatching – there have been numerous reports of people having their cell phones snatched right from their hands. Be aware of your surroundings when using your phone. 
  • Anything that makes you uncomfortable when at the Village Center, Veteran’s or Heritage Park. We want to make this area the “squeaky wheel” to really force the county to pay attention and focus on making this area better, cleaner, etc. 

The Baltimore County Police offer a FREE home security assessment to area residents. They will come to your home, inspect locks, windows, doors, landscaping, etc. with an eye toward security and safety, as well as provide recommendations for making your home more secure. It’s FREE. Call Officer Mussini at 410-887-7337 if you are interested.

Did you know Code Enforcement reporting can be done on-line? The new on-line system is easy to use, and provides great follow up. Reports can still be made anonymously. Here’s the link:

Jen Wassmann from the DRC was at our meeting to announce the Vibrant Neighborhoods Home Renovation Loan program. Home renovation loans up to $10,000 with 0% interest are available to homeowners in our area this summer. Re-payment of the loan is deferred as long as you own your home. Jen will be providing two information sessions about the loans – Tuesday 5/20 at 7pm or Saturday 5/24 at 10am in the DRC offices. Questions? Contact Jen at 410-282-0261 or

Paul Cole from Retrofit Baltimore also attended. Retrofit Baltimore is a non-profit organization that will conduct an energy assessment of your home for a fee ($100). After the assessment, they will provide you with a list of improvements to make your home more energy efficient. In addition, depending upon your income, you can receive a discount of 70% to 100% off the cost of improvements. Questions? Contact Paul Cole at 410-929-6257 or Or visit

Don’t Trash Our Dundalk Update: The program is much smaller in scale this year. We focused on the “Leeway/Township" block and the “Portship/Fairway" triangular block. A code sweep was conducted and homeowners were provided with information on proper trash disposal and the opportunity to purchase discounted metal trash cans. Discounted trash cans will be available for anyone to purchase at DunFest this coming Saturday (5/17). The cost is $15!

Announcements: • DunFest takes place in Heritage Park this Saturday from 11am to 2pm. • The Dundalk Art show takes place in Veterans Park this Saturday from 11am to 4pm. • Primary elections are June 24th! If you want learn more about the six candidates running for the County Council seat being vacated by Johnny O, there will be a forum on May 21st at 7pm at the North Point – Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department. The forum is being sponsored by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce and the Millers Island-Edgemere Business Association.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 9th. We will meet and picnic in Heritage Park starting at 6:30pm. ODNA will provide a main dish for the evening, but we need you to bring a side dish or dessert. Please RSVP for this meeting to Becky Terjung at

  • Also, bring your best ideas!! I would to see ODNA plan a project for the fall and this is your chance to tell us what that project should be. Some ideas thrown out at previous meetings have included: creating a tot lot in Veterans Park where the pavilion is now, making sure all the homes in our footprint have house numbers on both the front and back of the house, a skate park, replanting trees in Heritage Park, helping homeowners to put up outdoor lighting, etc.