Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meeting Minutes

ODNA Meeting Minutes
Saturday, February 11, 2012

1. Coke Point Project: Fran Flanigan from the Maryland Port Administration was on hand to talk about Coke Point and the Port’s plans for the site. While they are still in negotiations with RG Steel about the property itself, the port plans to use the Coke Point area as a receptacle for dredge materials and they would also work to treat the contamination which already exists on the site. Part of the project includes community and environmental enhancement projects. For us, this could mean trees in Heritage Park, work on the Heritage Trail, etc. The port wants to hear our ideas.

2. One Friendship Circle: A few of us met with Brian Hall on January 21st to talk about his plans for 1 Friendship Circle (the old hotel). Brian would like to purchase the property and turn it into a boarding house / short term rental property. He would be marketing to international students/workers, people who need accommodations for a short period of time. He likes the 1 Friendship Circle location because it is so close to the bus lines to Bayview and Hopkins. As a group there was positive response to his idea. Also, Brian lives in Edgemere; he owns and operates the Old Bay Marina

3. Dates for the Spring:

• Adopt a Road Cleanup – March 24th. Meet at the McD’s at 8:30am. Bring a shovel if you can for getting up the debris in the gutters. Again, in the event of forecasted bad weather, we will make any decision to cancel by 8am on Friday, March 23rd.
• Easter Egg Hunt – March 31st in Heritage Park. We will need volunteers for our craft table that day. Angel Ball, who is organizing the event, will also need volunteers. I will contact Angel to get a more specific list of what she needs. Look for an update!
• Dumpster Day – April 21st
• Yard Sale - May 19th

4. Curbs along Liberty Parkway: Brian Shepherd from Baltimore County talked to us about the curbs along Liberty Parkway. The project is scheduled to take place this summer. Brian asked about 5 inch high curbs vs. mountable curbs and he was very open to our feedback about addressing the parking issues. We asked for and he agreed to have the curbs pushed back 1 foot on each side of the road (that widens the road a little) and to install the standard 5 inch high curbs. Brian agreed to be at our next meeting for questions and comments.
• I am going to create a flyer to be delivered to all the affected houses on Liberty Parkway. I would like to get the flyers out the week of Feb 27th - that's about 2 weeks before our March 14th meeting. I’m looking for some help with distributing the flyers! Send me an email if you can help ( Also, spread the word to anyone you know that lives along Liberty Parkway.

5. FYI: In the past month, ODNA has received a couple of emails that I wanted to share with group, but was not able to because of time.

• Seasons Hospice (located in Glen Burnie) is looking for Volunteers.
We are in great need of volunteers in your area and wondered if there would be any possible recruitment suggestions you might be able to share. Our volunteers provide friendly visits to our clients in nursing homes, assisted living centers, or their own home. The role of the volunteer is up to what he/she may be interested in. We keep volunteers close to their own home so they are serving hospice clients within their own community. Hospice is a unique type of service, but truly rewarding!
Thank you for your time,
Carol Small, CVA, Volunteer Coordinator, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, 6934 Aviation Boulevard, Suites N-R, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 office: 888-523-6000, 410-689-7400,

• Lead Safe Baltimore County has grants available for lead-based paint remediation:
“Be advised that $4 million in federal grant money is available to help families and property owners with lead-based paint hazard remediation through the Lead Safe Baltimore County program. The Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning is under contract with Baltimore County to assist with marketing the Lead Safe Baltimore County grant program to Baltimore County residents, homeowners, multi-property owners, community organizations and agency partners. If you are a property management company which owns units that are in need of lead hazard remediation then this program can prove quite beneficial to the current and future tenant families, the property owner and the overall home environmental health of the community at large.
Please take a minute to review the attached files. You will find the Lead Safe Baltimore County overview sheet and the program brochure. These information pieces are geared to market this program towards property owners and renters. Pending program eligibility, the status of renters can actually qualify a property for this program based on the grant's HUD income guidelines.
We are currently working with Equity Management's Day Village Apartment Townhomes in the community of Turner's Station in Dundalk, Maryland. We are approaching the last year of the program and there is still a lot of grant money yet to be designated for remediation throughout all of Baltimore County's target conservation zip codes.
For more information about the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning or Lead Safe Baltimore County, click the hyperlinks on the logos below the message signature line. Connect with our Facebook and Twitter pages under Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, and feel free to forward this information to anyone in your personal or business network. Call me or Tria Brooks, at Lead Safe Baltimore County 410.887.3668, to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.
Best regards,
David M. Skinner, Community Outreach Associate, Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning™, 2714 Hudson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, 410.534.6447, 800.370.LEAD, 410.499.8105 mobile, 410.534.6475 fax,,

Elections are coming in May! Now is the time to get involved and to have your voice heard. Think about stepping up and taking a position on the Executive Board. Have a question about a position? Just ask!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center!