Friday, June 17, 2011

June 11th Meeting Minutes

ODNA Meeting
June 11, 2011

* Fall ODNA meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 14th, pending availability of the community center.

* Recycling was not picked up last week. Brenda and Debbie followed up and the trash company said they had many workers getting sick and calling out due to the heat. While the recycle didn’t get picked up, Debbie was impressed that she got such a quick and personal response.

* Heritage Fair is coming! We will have activities and crafts for the kids, so the more hands to help the better. If you’d like to volunteer, email Becky at
** Looking at the sign up sheets, we are fairly well covered for Friday and Saturday, but we could use help on Sunday afternoon. The empty spaces are in RED. If you can only give an hour, let me know – we can certainly split a shift!

Heritage Fair Volunteer Schedule:
Friday, July 1st
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm –
4pm to 6pm – Claudia Spekke and Clare Owens
6pm to 8pm – Glenn and Peggy Shaffer

Saturday, July 2nd
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm – Marianne Thomas and Andrew Spekke
4pm to 6pm – Claudia Spekke and Clare Owens
6pm to 8pm –

Sunday, July 3rd
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm –
4pm to 6pm –
6pm to 8pm –

* Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. The walkthrough data is currently being compiled. We will prioritize based on the data. We will also try to get Dundalk High School students involved in volunteering opportunities.

* Parking. As noted in our last newsletter, Ofr. Wilking and the BCPD have been receiving an increased number of complaints about parking. Because our streets and alleys are narrow, BCPD have “turned a blind eye” to things like parking with two wheels on the sidewalk, parking close to the end of the street/alley, etc., HOWEVER, given the number of complaints received it is only a matter of time before folks start receiving citations.

From our newsletter . . . .
1. Sidewalks can not be completely blocked by your car!
2. Pay attention to posted signs that designate a no parking area. Many of our streets are posted with a no parking area that runs 12-15 feet to the corner. This allows for visibility and space to enter/exit the street safely.
3. Your parked car should not block the entrance to an alley, street, neighbor’s driveway, garage, etc. Again, we all live on narrow streets and we need to respect our neighbors, and their need to access the street, alley, driveway, garage, etc.
4. If you repeatedly pull up on the curb, sidewalk or grass, know that you may be doing damage to that curb, sidewalk or grass, and YOU, not Baltimore County, may need to make repairs!

Please pass this info onto your friends and neighbors.

On a related note, the McCauleys, who only recently joined ODNA, have moved from Old Dundalk because of the frustration and headaches caused by trying to park in their own driveway!

* National Night Out, August 2nd. We are in need of ideas! It was suggested that we:
** Work with the DRC to plan an event in Heritage Park. Glenn and Becky are meeting with Leah, the DRC’s new Community Relations person on Monday, June 20th.
** We focus on LIGHTS and crime prevention
** As part of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, perhaps we can provide/install cfl bulbs in porch lights. We will look into the cost.
** Solicit donations of cfl bulbs, porch lights and perhaps electricians to help install/repair porch lights.
** If you have an idea, or would like to help, please contact Becky at

See you at the Fair!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Meeting - June 11th

ODNA Meeting
Saturday, June 11, 2011
10am – Dundalk Community Center

· Heritage Fair
· Next Step in our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” campaign
· National Night Out – Aug 2nd Let’s plan an event. Bring your ideas!
· Picnic in Heritage Park!

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 14th.
We will again alternate between the 2nd Saturday and 2nd Wednesday of each month.