Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting Minutes: May 11, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2011

The Yard Sale is Saturday, May 15th. The weather is not looking good, but as long as there is no rain, we are going to go forward. Becky, George and Claire will be at Veterans Park at 6am to mark the spaces.
• Update: The sale did go on as planned. While it was not the best day, there was a good amount of foot traffic and quite a number of sales were made.

The Walk Thru on April 30th was a success. Glenn has been compiling the results. There was coverage the Eagle in which it seems like ODNA is stepping up to do job of Code Enforcement. Glenn has written a response to highlight the fact that main purpose of the walk was to get a sense of the all the issues affecting the community.

19 Flagship continues to be a source of trouble and frustration. ODNA did send a letter to the Office of Accountability for the County addressing some of the action/inaction on the part of the county agencies involved. This issue has also been brought to the attention of the County Executive’s Office.

Officer Wilking was in attendance and reported some crime statistics for year.
• January to March – there were 80 reports.
• March to present date – there have been 90 reports.
• Incidents include drug arrests, domestics, burglaries, and vandalism. A number of incidents seemed to occur on Keyway and Fairway.
Officer Wilking also reported that there have been an increased number of burglaries in the area. Be sure to lock your doors, garage door, car doors, etc. Lights on timers, leaving a radio on in your house can make your house seem occupied when it’s not. Also, light up your yard and alley if you can.
• There was discussion of several locations/homes which have suspicious activity and parking issues in the neighborhood. Officer Wilking will follow up on both issues and request that traffic enforcement patrol the neighborhood.

Heritage Fair: At our booth we will have a craft for the kids – “Make Your Own Flag.” Becky will gather the supplies by our next meeting, as we will need to do a little prep work. We will also order imprinted pens to for give away and have the “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy” jar. It was decided to not have a raffle. It is frowned upon by the Fair organizers and other vendors. There is a sign up sheet – we are looking for people to volunteer a two hour shift at our booth during the fair. If you want to voluteer a couple of hours, contact Becky (

Our next meeting and annual picnic is Saturday, June 11th. The meeting will be at 10am in the Community Center, with the picnic to follow at 11am in Heritage Park. ODNA will be providing the burgers and dogs, but we are looking for members to contribute side dishes, desserts and drinks. A sign up sheet was circulated. Contact Brenda Shepherd to RSVP (410-284-0899).