Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2011

1. We need a new Historian! Karin Strawderman has stepped down from her role as Historian, so we need a replacement. The Historian keeps an archive of our activities (newspaper clippings, photos, etc). Kim Brown volunteered to take on this role. Thanks Kim!
2. Chris Mann, owner of the Dundalk McD's is holding a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday April 5th at 8:30am. Rick Ferguson and Kim Brown will attend. ODNA will present Chris with a certificate thanking him for his work in the neighborhood (providing trash cans and clean ups).
3. Bryan Sheppard, who works in County Executive Kamenetz’s office, attended our last meeting. ODNA was cc'd on an email Bryan sent to Susan Thompson (works for the County) after our last meeting following up on the dying tree on Liberty Pkwy, the parking on Liberty Pkwy and the dumpster near the old Santoni's.
a. About the parking on Liberty Pkwy there was discussion about addressing our concerns to Johnny O’s office; polling the residents of Liberty for a solution.
b. One solution offered: to increase the parking area by creating cut outs along the road.
4. Officer Wilking was unable to attend tonight because of another commitment. If you have any concerns for the police, send them to Becky and she will forward them to Officer Wilking.

Dumpster Day
will be Saturday, April 16th from 7am to Noon at the parking lot across from Church of the Brethren on Yorkway. The Loading Dock will also have a truck there by 8am collecting items which can be reused (ie. fixtures, doors, appliances, etc). The Loading Dock is a non-profit organization, so they will be issuing receipts for donations. We need volunteers for an hour or so at a time to help direct traffic, help get stuff into the dumpsters, etc. We will also offer community service hours to volunteers from the High School. A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around. Thanks to all who signed up!

Our Community Yard Sale will be Saturday, May 14th in Veteran's Park from 7am to Noon. Price for non-members will be $10 for a space, ODNA members are Free. Becky will run ads in late April, early May for the sale. We will also try to get an announcement in the Eagle.

Adopt a Road / 503c
1. Debbie is working on the application for adopting a road. We want to adopt Dundalk Avenue from Liberty parkway down toward the Logan Village Shopping Center
2. The 503c application has been submitted to the IRS. We haven’t heard anything yet, but then it’s only been 2 months.

Walk Through - Glenn

1. There was an article in the Eagle about this project.
2. The goal of this project is to:
a. Make sure our database of addresses is current for future mailings
b. Identify vacant/rental properties
c. Identify properties (and owners) who maybe in need of some assistance.
d. Meet our neighbors!
3. Glenn had developed some instructions and a form to use when walking through the neighborhood. He’s also taken the map and divided our footprint up into 5 areas.
4. We are planning to meet at the Heritage Park side of the Community Center (old “Y”) on Saturday, April 2nd at 9am to “walk through.” Thank you to all who signed up for this!
5. Amy from the DRC contacted us about working together to get an AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator position to assist in working with volunteers to track conditions in Old Dundalk, St. Helena and Dunlogan. This person could potentially help us with getting our neighbors helping neighbors program off the ground.
6. Other ideas: starting with a one of the five sections on April 2nd as a test; identifying trees that need help or areas that need trees (DRC has a tree planting grant to spend); using the 2010 census; obtaining a list from the county of registered rentals.
7. Lisa McCauley offered to look up ownership data on SDAT once Glenn provides her the street names and address ranges in the footprint.

COP: Ken Ewing has taken over this program and has done a couple of ride-arounds in the past month. He’s not seen much activity – which is a good thing! He is looking for more volunteers!
-- Glenn suggested putting an ad in Eagle to both solicit volunteers for COP and increase membership.

Gazebo in Heritage Park: Becky and Glenn attended a meeting last week about the Gazebo in Heritage Park. As part of his deal with the county, John Vontran has to provide a community benefit (Gazebo renovation). The renovation is planned for this spring to be finished in time for the Heritage Fair. The renovation will include upgraded electric and a less skateboard friendly design. Becky and Glenn will be attending a follow up meeting next week to see the finalized plans.

o We are still working to bring in more members.
1. Our February Newsletter was mailed to all the addresses in our database.
2. The Dundalk McD’s will place ads for community groups for FREE on their tray liners. We will be contacting them!
3. Becky brought some Welcome Bags. Please take one if you have a new neighbor on your street.

Our next meeting is Saturday, April 9th!