Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting Minutes: February 12, 2011

ODNA Meeting
February 12, 2011

•COP(Citizens on Patrol) Leadership: Ken Ewing volunteered to lead the group, we will work to recruit more members

•Looking for a team to walk footprint to identify vacant homes in the area to create a master list.

•Dumpster Day: April 16th Church of the Brethren.

•Community yard sale date: TBA based upon the date of the Dundalk Historical Society’s yard sale. Kim will help Becky in determining the date

•ODNA adopting a road: 1 mile stretch of road for 2 years. County provides safety vests and training. We will move ahead with this process

•Welcome Bags: discussion of who makes and takes them to new neighbors.

•Post Office discussion: discussion of how the Dundalk post office is dirty and the people working in that post office and often not very polite. A suggestion to contact your local congressman about issues.

•Membership drive this Spring.

•Mailings of newsletters were folded during the meeting.

•ODNA Facebook page is up and running.

•Discussion of working on a high visibility project such as helping an elderly person with yard work.

•Becky and Glenn will be attending a meeting at DRC with John Vontran who has identified the Gazebo as a project. Purpose of meeting is to talk about re-doing the Gazebo area.

•Parking on Liberty Parkway: parking in yards, curbs, etc was discussed.

•Heritage Fair Parade: do we want to be in the parade or have a booth again?, volunteers for fair set up and tear down.

•Loading Dock: canned food for paint swap in February.

•Dumpsters: by old Santoni’s and Rite Aid is serving as a dump site. Uniform and Thrift store owner spoke briefly and addressed concern about this trash issue.

•Brian Sheppard Kevin Kamitz’s assistant was present and provided helpful information throughout the meeting.

Next meeting March 16th 7pm @ community center.