Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2011

President Becky Terjung began the meeting by welcoming Kim Brown. Kim, a long-time Dundalk resident, is opening a Uniform and Thrift Store in the Village Center. She plans to open by March 2nd at 13 Center Place, right next to Dundalk Music.

COP: Jordan is stepping down as coordinator of this program, so we will need a new leader. Over the last two years, the COP volunteers made 95 calls to 911, and had at least one arrest of a man carrying a gun. This can be a rewarding position/program for those willing to step outside their comfort zone to patrol. Officer Wilking, our BCPD community relations officer, reminded us that she will need a list of volunteers and vehicles being used in the program, as well as the dates we patrol – to let the officers working know that we will out and about.

Police Community Relations Meetings – These are the 2nd Monday of each month (7:15pm) at the North Point Precinct. Office Wilking explained that these meetings are for community leaders to provide information and networking.

Plans for the Spring:
1. Glenn will be forming a team to walk the neighborhood footprint this spring/summer to identify vacant houses, and egregious code violations. In addition, this team will verify address to create a database of all the address in our footprint for mailings.
2. Dumpster Day is set for April 16th. We will again be using the parking lot at the Church of the Brethren.
3. The Community Yard Sale is tentatively set for May 16th. Becky will verify with the DRC and Historical Society to make sure we are not in conflict with any other events.

Greening: Rick talked about the BGE energy audit he had done at his home. The audit is free (link web). After hearing the results, Rick decided to have more insulation blown into his attic. While he hasn’t had a BGE bill yet to compare, he says his upstairs does seem warmer.

Adopt a Road: Debbie talked about the possibility of ODNA adopting a road in Dundalk. This would be a high visibility project that could have a bigger impact than just holding a clean up. The county requires that we adopt a 1 mile stretch of road – we are thinking Dundalk Ave. – for two years. The county provides signs at both ends of our adopted road, safety vests, and training.

Non-Profit Status update: The final draft of our appeal was sent today.

Membership: It’s obvious that we need to attract and involve more members. If you have an idea, please share!
1. We plan to have a newsletter highlighting our spring events to go out mid-February to all the names in our database.
2. We plan to have a newsletter go out to all the houses in our footprint in late summer/early fall.
3. Implementing a high-visibility project (dog-park, street beautification, neighbors helping neighbors).
4. Becky set up the ODNA facebook page. Please visit and “like” our page.

One last membership note, ODNA has been invited to attend the new neighbor open house at Heritage Square (new Yorkway houses) on January 29th. Becky will attend with Welcome Bags to hand to our newest neighbors.

There was also discussion about speeding along Admiral Blvd. Office Wilking offered some suggestions about having a traffic study done as well as, how to get the speed trailer deployed along the route.

Next meeting: February 12, 2010 at 10am in the Community Center.