Friday, December 23, 2011

Donation to Needy Family

Last night, Claire I George Owens and I delivered our Christmas food basket to the Hunt Family.

The Hunt family (Mom, Dad, and four daughters) was very grateful to receive the basket. Mrs. Hunt told us how much her daughters appreciated and enjoyed the basket we brought at Thanksgiving and how much they were looking forward to Christmas!

THANK YOU for your kind and generous donations! Attached is a photo of most of the donations we received - there were more, but they wouldn't fit on the table!

Have a Happy Holiday and Best Wishes for 2012!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Minutes - December 10, 2011 Meeting

ODNA Meeting
Saturday, December 10, 2011
10am at the Dundalk Community Center

1. Thanksgiving food delivery was made to our “adopted” family on a very rainy Tuesday night. Thanks to Claire and George Owens and their grandson Kyle for all of their help in collecting and delivering the items

We are collecting items for a Christmas basket of food to be delivered to our “adopted” family on December 22nd. Donations may be dropped of with Claire and George Owens at 23 Township or Becky Terjung at 92 Kentway. We already have a turkey, but we still need non-perishable pantry/toiletry items as well as cranberry sauce, gravy, canned vegetables and fruit and non-perishable food items (celery, onions, potatoes, apples, oranges, and rolls) to round out Christmas dinner.

• If you are planning to donate a perishable item, let me ( or 410-288-3323) know what you will be dropping off.
• Look for updates about needed items as we closer to the delivery date.

All donations are needed by DECEMBER 21st, so we have time to package them up for delivery.

2. Adopt a road: (Dundalk Avenue from Willow Spring down to around Saint Matthews Church.) Our next Clean Up day is Saturday, January 21st beginning at 9am. We will meet at McDonalds at 8:30am. Obviously, this clean up is very weather dependent and any decision to cancel will be made by Thursday, January 19th. Let’s hope for a sunny day with temps in the 40’s!

3. Holiday Potluck: Becky will get in touch with the Masonic Hall to see about open dates in the first two weeks of January. We are going to try for a Thursday or Friday and will start at 6:30/7pm. We will need a volunteer or two to coordinate this event. If you would like to help, contact Becky at or 410-288-3323.

4. Bylaw review committee: We need to review our bylaws with respect to term limits, language, etc. This also includes a question about whether we will include the President Streets within our boundaries.
• Glenn will follow up with Northwood-Holabird about whether they include the President Streets.
• We want to have progress on this review and will report back at our February meeting.

5. Welcome Bags: We could use volunteers to coordinate getting some new materials and distributing the bags.

Elections are coming in May! Now is the time to get involved and to have your voice heard. Think about stepping up and taking a position on the Executive Board. Have a question about a position? Just ask!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 11th at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center!*
* Note: In the case of inclement weather, if county schools are closed, the Dundalk Community Center is closed as well

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meeting - November 9th

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 9th! at 7pm. As always, we willl meet in the Dundalk Community Center.
The meeting date published in the Eagle was incorrect.
Questions - email

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adopt a Road Cleanup

Thanks to Andy, Claudia, George, Marianne, Glenn and Debbie for participating in our 1st Adopt-a-Road cleanup of Dundalk Avenue last Saturday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meeting Minutes - October 8th

ODNA Meeting Minutes
Saturday, October 8, 2011

With very few members in attendance, the meeting went very quickly.

1. Fall Festival on October 29th. We are still in need of volunteers to help at our craft table. Here’s the schedule:
10am to Noon: Marianne Thomas, Peggy Shaffer, Glenn Shaffer, Becky Terjung
2pm to 3:30pm: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

(Becky and Glenn will be back about 3pm to clean up)
If you can help, please let me know ( or 410-288-3323)

2. The Adopt-a-Road program kicks off this coming Saturday, October 15th at 8am. We will meet at the Dundalk McDondald’s

3. After the last meeting, we had sent a number of questions off to the county. Here are the responses:
a. How do we go about addressing the number of street lights in the neighborhood? Is that a county or BGE thing? Also, several resident's asked about tree trimming in relation to the street lights - many of the trees have grown impeding the lights. Is that a county or BGE thing? If you contact Ed Adams, Dir. of Public Works and let him know where you would like to see additional lighting, he will have someone work with you and look into the proposed locations. Mr. Adams mentioned that the County is more inclined to approve additional lighting at intersections.
· Before I meet with Ed, I need a list of addresses/locations that need more light. Please send those locations to me at by 10/31.
b. What's the story with street sweeping in the area? Mr. Adams asks that you send an email or letter to him with the particular streets you would like cleaned and again someone will work with you as to a date to have the sweeping. The County is happy to coordinate these projects with the community leaders and enlist their assistance in helping have the roads cleared of parked cars before the best results.
c. Several residents have asked why their alleys where never re-done (I think the alley project was about 8 - 10 years ago). The alleys in question are Leeway to Midship, Midship to Flagship and Flagship to Township (the alleys not done make an "H" shape). Again, I checked with Mr. Adams, and he said the alleys that were not paved, did not have alley petitions.
d. There is definite interest in setting up a meeting with Ed Adams to discuss our options regarding Liberty Parkway. Is this something you can facilitate or should I contact Ed. Mr. Adams said to contact him and he will arrange a meeting. Just mention that you have communicated with me.
e. Rats. Heard alot about rats and even got a phone call last night about them. I thought I had read that the county was going to re-run the rat eradication program it did last fall. What's the news? Mr. Van dommelin, Director of Code Enforcement will contact you tomorrow morning with an update.
· I have not yet heard from Mr. Van Dommelin. I will try to get an answer from him before our next meeting.

4. TREES! If anyone would like a tree for their yard, please contact leah at the DRC (

5. Newsletter: I’m looking for a volunteer to put together our fall newsletter. Interested? Contact me at

6. Elections and the Bylaws: Glenn Shafer proposed that we amend our bylaws to include term limits for the executive officers. Most of the executive counsel has been serving for almost four years now and we agree that it is time for new leadership. Glenn and I will prepare the proposed change to the bylaws for presentation and approval at our next meeting.
Elections are coming in May! Now is the time to get involved and to have your voice heard. Think about stepping up and taking a position on the Executive Board. Have a question about a position? Just ask!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 9th at 7pm in the Dundalk Community Center!

Friday, September 16, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes - Sept. 14, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2011
Dundalk Community Center – 7pm

1. Thanks
to those who volunteered and attended both the Heritage Fair and the National Night Out.
a. Next year for NNO, we need to start out planning in May, especially if we are going to solicit donations for the event.
2. Update on membership: Over the summer we sent out membership renewal letters and have had a fairly good response, receiving 11 renewals and 2 new lifetime memberships! Currently we have 53 members which include 14 lifetime members.
3. Welcome Bags: If anyone has a new neighbor and would like to have a Welcome Bag, please contact Becky. Also, the Welcome Bag program needs a new leader! If you would be interested in preparing bags and getting them out to new neighbors, please contact Becky.
4. Crime:
a. Office Wilking was unable to attend our meeting, but she did provide crime statistics for the area from May 12th to September 6th. During this period there were 10 total burglaries, 6 destruction of property, 3 narcotics violations, 3 thefts from motor vehicles and 1 theft of a motor vehicle.
b. A reminder, as many of the burglaries involved items being taken from yards or open garages, to lock your doors, cars, and garages even when you are home and working outside. Bring in or lock up things like bikes, ladders, lawn mowers etc.
c. We also had an email from Irene about a number of attempted break-ins on Flagship and a concern about the lack of lights our some of our streets and alleys. We will follow up with the county about how to petition for more lights.
5. Liberty Parkway: The parking on Liberty Parkway has changed from people just pulling two wheels up on the curb to people pulling up on their front lawns like they have a driveway. The curbs along Liberty Parkway are slated to be re-done in the 2012-2013 budget year. We have contacted the county about possible solutions to this problem which could tie into the repair of the curbs, such as widening the road, doing cut outs for parking, or creating a paved area adjacent to the curb that people could pull two wheels up on to. The group though that widening Liberty Parkway might be the best solution.
a. We will purse setting up a meeting with Bryan Sheppard and Ed Adams with Baltimore County to address the issue.
6. Adopt a Road: We’ve set our first clean up date for Saturday, October 15th. We will meet at the Dundalk McDonalds at 8am! (Rain date: November 12th)
7. Neighbors Helping Neighbors:
Thanks to Chris Ames we did receive a couple of gift card donations (Sam’s Club and Target) for the National Night Out Event. Unfortunately the donations came at the last minute and we were not able to use them at the NNO event. The exec board thought that we could start our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program by adopting a family at Christmas and using the gift card in the baskets we create.
a. The group was in agreement about adopting a family.
b. Becky will contact the Social Worker at Dundalk Elementary about finding a family in our area to support.
c. We will collect canned goods/non perishables at the Family Fall Festival on October 29th.
8. The Family Fall Festival is October 29th in Veteran’s Park. We will again have a craft table set up with the paper plate make your own pumpkins. There will be a sign up sheet at our next meeting.

Next Meeting – Saturday, October 8th at 10 am in the Dundalk Community Center.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

National Night Out - August 2nd

The Old Dundalk Neighborhood Association along with Dun-Logan Community Association and the Dundalk Renaissance Corp are hosting together a National Night Out Event on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6 to 8:30pm at Heritage Park. The event will feature family fun, games, and refreshments. Police officers from North Point Police Precinct 12 will be on hand to address concerns. For more information, contact Becky Terjung at 410-288-3323 or email

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 11th Meeting Minutes

ODNA Meeting
June 11, 2011

* Fall ODNA meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 14th, pending availability of the community center.

* Recycling was not picked up last week. Brenda and Debbie followed up and the trash company said they had many workers getting sick and calling out due to the heat. While the recycle didn’t get picked up, Debbie was impressed that she got such a quick and personal response.

* Heritage Fair is coming! We will have activities and crafts for the kids, so the more hands to help the better. If you’d like to volunteer, email Becky at
** Looking at the sign up sheets, we are fairly well covered for Friday and Saturday, but we could use help on Sunday afternoon. The empty spaces are in RED. If you can only give an hour, let me know – we can certainly split a shift!

Heritage Fair Volunteer Schedule:
Friday, July 1st
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm –
4pm to 6pm – Claudia Spekke and Clare Owens
6pm to 8pm – Glenn and Peggy Shaffer

Saturday, July 2nd
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm – Marianne Thomas and Andrew Spekke
4pm to 6pm – Claudia Spekke and Clare Owens
6pm to 8pm –

Sunday, July 3rd
Noon to 2pm – Ken and Barbara Ewing
2pm to 4pm –
4pm to 6pm –
6pm to 8pm –

* Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. The walkthrough data is currently being compiled. We will prioritize based on the data. We will also try to get Dundalk High School students involved in volunteering opportunities.

* Parking. As noted in our last newsletter, Ofr. Wilking and the BCPD have been receiving an increased number of complaints about parking. Because our streets and alleys are narrow, BCPD have “turned a blind eye” to things like parking with two wheels on the sidewalk, parking close to the end of the street/alley, etc., HOWEVER, given the number of complaints received it is only a matter of time before folks start receiving citations.

From our newsletter . . . .
1. Sidewalks can not be completely blocked by your car!
2. Pay attention to posted signs that designate a no parking area. Many of our streets are posted with a no parking area that runs 12-15 feet to the corner. This allows for visibility and space to enter/exit the street safely.
3. Your parked car should not block the entrance to an alley, street, neighbor’s driveway, garage, etc. Again, we all live on narrow streets and we need to respect our neighbors, and their need to access the street, alley, driveway, garage, etc.
4. If you repeatedly pull up on the curb, sidewalk or grass, know that you may be doing damage to that curb, sidewalk or grass, and YOU, not Baltimore County, may need to make repairs!

Please pass this info onto your friends and neighbors.

On a related note, the McCauleys, who only recently joined ODNA, have moved from Old Dundalk because of the frustration and headaches caused by trying to park in their own driveway!

* National Night Out, August 2nd. We are in need of ideas! It was suggested that we:
** Work with the DRC to plan an event in Heritage Park. Glenn and Becky are meeting with Leah, the DRC’s new Community Relations person on Monday, June 20th.
** We focus on LIGHTS and crime prevention
** As part of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, perhaps we can provide/install cfl bulbs in porch lights. We will look into the cost.
** Solicit donations of cfl bulbs, porch lights and perhaps electricians to help install/repair porch lights.
** If you have an idea, or would like to help, please contact Becky at

See you at the Fair!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Meeting - June 11th

ODNA Meeting
Saturday, June 11, 2011
10am – Dundalk Community Center

· Heritage Fair
· Next Step in our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” campaign
· National Night Out – Aug 2nd Let’s plan an event. Bring your ideas!
· Picnic in Heritage Park!

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 14th.
We will again alternate between the 2nd Saturday and 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting Minutes: May 11, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2011

The Yard Sale is Saturday, May 15th. The weather is not looking good, but as long as there is no rain, we are going to go forward. Becky, George and Claire will be at Veterans Park at 6am to mark the spaces.
• Update: The sale did go on as planned. While it was not the best day, there was a good amount of foot traffic and quite a number of sales were made.

The Walk Thru on April 30th was a success. Glenn has been compiling the results. There was coverage the Eagle in which it seems like ODNA is stepping up to do job of Code Enforcement. Glenn has written a response to highlight the fact that main purpose of the walk was to get a sense of the all the issues affecting the community.

19 Flagship continues to be a source of trouble and frustration. ODNA did send a letter to the Office of Accountability for the County addressing some of the action/inaction on the part of the county agencies involved. This issue has also been brought to the attention of the County Executive’s Office.

Officer Wilking was in attendance and reported some crime statistics for year.
• January to March – there were 80 reports.
• March to present date – there have been 90 reports.
• Incidents include drug arrests, domestics, burglaries, and vandalism. A number of incidents seemed to occur on Keyway and Fairway.
Officer Wilking also reported that there have been an increased number of burglaries in the area. Be sure to lock your doors, garage door, car doors, etc. Lights on timers, leaving a radio on in your house can make your house seem occupied when it’s not. Also, light up your yard and alley if you can.
• There was discussion of several locations/homes which have suspicious activity and parking issues in the neighborhood. Officer Wilking will follow up on both issues and request that traffic enforcement patrol the neighborhood.

Heritage Fair: At our booth we will have a craft for the kids – “Make Your Own Flag.” Becky will gather the supplies by our next meeting, as we will need to do a little prep work. We will also order imprinted pens to for give away and have the “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy” jar. It was decided to not have a raffle. It is frowned upon by the Fair organizers and other vendors. There is a sign up sheet – we are looking for people to volunteer a two hour shift at our booth during the fair. If you want to voluteer a couple of hours, contact Becky (

Our next meeting and annual picnic is Saturday, June 11th. The meeting will be at 10am in the Community Center, with the picnic to follow at 11am in Heritage Park. ODNA will be providing the burgers and dogs, but we are looking for members to contribute side dishes, desserts and drinks. A sign up sheet was circulated. Contact Brenda Shepherd to RSVP (410-284-0899).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2011

1. We need a new Historian! Karin Strawderman has stepped down from her role as Historian, so we need a replacement. The Historian keeps an archive of our activities (newspaper clippings, photos, etc). Kim Brown volunteered to take on this role. Thanks Kim!
2. Chris Mann, owner of the Dundalk McD's is holding a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday April 5th at 8:30am. Rick Ferguson and Kim Brown will attend. ODNA will present Chris with a certificate thanking him for his work in the neighborhood (providing trash cans and clean ups).
3. Bryan Sheppard, who works in County Executive Kamenetz’s office, attended our last meeting. ODNA was cc'd on an email Bryan sent to Susan Thompson (works for the County) after our last meeting following up on the dying tree on Liberty Pkwy, the parking on Liberty Pkwy and the dumpster near the old Santoni's.
a. About the parking on Liberty Pkwy there was discussion about addressing our concerns to Johnny O’s office; polling the residents of Liberty for a solution.
b. One solution offered: to increase the parking area by creating cut outs along the road.
4. Officer Wilking was unable to attend tonight because of another commitment. If you have any concerns for the police, send them to Becky and she will forward them to Officer Wilking.

Dumpster Day
will be Saturday, April 16th from 7am to Noon at the parking lot across from Church of the Brethren on Yorkway. The Loading Dock will also have a truck there by 8am collecting items which can be reused (ie. fixtures, doors, appliances, etc). The Loading Dock is a non-profit organization, so they will be issuing receipts for donations. We need volunteers for an hour or so at a time to help direct traffic, help get stuff into the dumpsters, etc. We will also offer community service hours to volunteers from the High School. A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around. Thanks to all who signed up!

Our Community Yard Sale will be Saturday, May 14th in Veteran's Park from 7am to Noon. Price for non-members will be $10 for a space, ODNA members are Free. Becky will run ads in late April, early May for the sale. We will also try to get an announcement in the Eagle.

Adopt a Road / 503c
1. Debbie is working on the application for adopting a road. We want to adopt Dundalk Avenue from Liberty parkway down toward the Logan Village Shopping Center
2. The 503c application has been submitted to the IRS. We haven’t heard anything yet, but then it’s only been 2 months.

Walk Through - Glenn

1. There was an article in the Eagle about this project.
2. The goal of this project is to:
a. Make sure our database of addresses is current for future mailings
b. Identify vacant/rental properties
c. Identify properties (and owners) who maybe in need of some assistance.
d. Meet our neighbors!
3. Glenn had developed some instructions and a form to use when walking through the neighborhood. He’s also taken the map and divided our footprint up into 5 areas.
4. We are planning to meet at the Heritage Park side of the Community Center (old “Y”) on Saturday, April 2nd at 9am to “walk through.” Thank you to all who signed up for this!
5. Amy from the DRC contacted us about working together to get an AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator position to assist in working with volunteers to track conditions in Old Dundalk, St. Helena and Dunlogan. This person could potentially help us with getting our neighbors helping neighbors program off the ground.
6. Other ideas: starting with a one of the five sections on April 2nd as a test; identifying trees that need help or areas that need trees (DRC has a tree planting grant to spend); using the 2010 census; obtaining a list from the county of registered rentals.
7. Lisa McCauley offered to look up ownership data on SDAT once Glenn provides her the street names and address ranges in the footprint.

COP: Ken Ewing has taken over this program and has done a couple of ride-arounds in the past month. He’s not seen much activity – which is a good thing! He is looking for more volunteers!
-- Glenn suggested putting an ad in Eagle to both solicit volunteers for COP and increase membership.

Gazebo in Heritage Park: Becky and Glenn attended a meeting last week about the Gazebo in Heritage Park. As part of his deal with the county, John Vontran has to provide a community benefit (Gazebo renovation). The renovation is planned for this spring to be finished in time for the Heritage Fair. The renovation will include upgraded electric and a less skateboard friendly design. Becky and Glenn will be attending a follow up meeting next week to see the finalized plans.

o We are still working to bring in more members.
1. Our February Newsletter was mailed to all the addresses in our database.
2. The Dundalk McD’s will place ads for community groups for FREE on their tray liners. We will be contacting them!
3. Becky brought some Welcome Bags. Please take one if you have a new neighbor on your street.

Our next meeting is Saturday, April 9th!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting Minutes: February 12, 2011

ODNA Meeting
February 12, 2011

•COP(Citizens on Patrol) Leadership: Ken Ewing volunteered to lead the group, we will work to recruit more members

•Looking for a team to walk footprint to identify vacant homes in the area to create a master list.

•Dumpster Day: April 16th Church of the Brethren.

•Community yard sale date: TBA based upon the date of the Dundalk Historical Society’s yard sale. Kim will help Becky in determining the date

•ODNA adopting a road: 1 mile stretch of road for 2 years. County provides safety vests and training. We will move ahead with this process

•Welcome Bags: discussion of who makes and takes them to new neighbors.

•Post Office discussion: discussion of how the Dundalk post office is dirty and the people working in that post office and often not very polite. A suggestion to contact your local congressman about issues.

•Membership drive this Spring.

•Mailings of newsletters were folded during the meeting.

•ODNA Facebook page is up and running.

•Discussion of working on a high visibility project such as helping an elderly person with yard work.

•Becky and Glenn will be attending a meeting at DRC with John Vontran who has identified the Gazebo as a project. Purpose of meeting is to talk about re-doing the Gazebo area.

•Parking on Liberty Parkway: parking in yards, curbs, etc was discussed.

•Heritage Fair Parade: do we want to be in the parade or have a booth again?, volunteers for fair set up and tear down.

•Loading Dock: canned food for paint swap in February.

•Dumpsters: by old Santoni’s and Rite Aid is serving as a dump site. Uniform and Thrift store owner spoke briefly and addressed concern about this trash issue.

•Brian Sheppard Kevin Kamitz’s assistant was present and provided helpful information throughout the meeting.

Next meeting March 16th 7pm @ community center.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2011

ODNA Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2011

President Becky Terjung began the meeting by welcoming Kim Brown. Kim, a long-time Dundalk resident, is opening a Uniform and Thrift Store in the Village Center. She plans to open by March 2nd at 13 Center Place, right next to Dundalk Music.

COP: Jordan is stepping down as coordinator of this program, so we will need a new leader. Over the last two years, the COP volunteers made 95 calls to 911, and had at least one arrest of a man carrying a gun. This can be a rewarding position/program for those willing to step outside their comfort zone to patrol. Officer Wilking, our BCPD community relations officer, reminded us that she will need a list of volunteers and vehicles being used in the program, as well as the dates we patrol – to let the officers working know that we will out and about.

Police Community Relations Meetings – These are the 2nd Monday of each month (7:15pm) at the North Point Precinct. Office Wilking explained that these meetings are for community leaders to provide information and networking.

Plans for the Spring:
1. Glenn will be forming a team to walk the neighborhood footprint this spring/summer to identify vacant houses, and egregious code violations. In addition, this team will verify address to create a database of all the address in our footprint for mailings.
2. Dumpster Day is set for April 16th. We will again be using the parking lot at the Church of the Brethren.
3. The Community Yard Sale is tentatively set for May 16th. Becky will verify with the DRC and Historical Society to make sure we are not in conflict with any other events.

Greening: Rick talked about the BGE energy audit he had done at his home. The audit is free (link web). After hearing the results, Rick decided to have more insulation blown into his attic. While he hasn’t had a BGE bill yet to compare, he says his upstairs does seem warmer.

Adopt a Road: Debbie talked about the possibility of ODNA adopting a road in Dundalk. This would be a high visibility project that could have a bigger impact than just holding a clean up. The county requires that we adopt a 1 mile stretch of road – we are thinking Dundalk Ave. – for two years. The county provides signs at both ends of our adopted road, safety vests, and training.

Non-Profit Status update: The final draft of our appeal was sent today.

Membership: It’s obvious that we need to attract and involve more members. If you have an idea, please share!
1. We plan to have a newsletter highlighting our spring events to go out mid-February to all the names in our database.
2. We plan to have a newsletter go out to all the houses in our footprint in late summer/early fall.
3. Implementing a high-visibility project (dog-park, street beautification, neighbors helping neighbors).
4. Becky set up the ODNA facebook page. Please visit and “like” our page.

One last membership note, ODNA has been invited to attend the new neighbor open house at Heritage Square (new Yorkway houses) on January 29th. Becky will attend with Welcome Bags to hand to our newest neighbors.

There was also discussion about speeding along Admiral Blvd. Office Wilking offered some suggestions about having a traffic study done as well as, how to get the speed trailer deployed along the route.

Next meeting: February 12, 2010 at 10am in the Community Center.