Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth Of July Parade

We participated for the first time ever in the Dundalk Fourth of July. The crowd was great and we were greeted often with chants of "Old Dundalk!"

Thanks to Glenn Shafer and Becky Terjung for carrying the banner.

Thanks to John and Susan Terjung for driving our "float."

And thanks to all who greeted us along the way!

See you next Fourth of July!!

Meeting Minutes - June 12, 2010

Old Dundalk Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
Saturday, June 12, 2010
Annual Meeting and Family Picnic
Community Center / Heritage Park

President Marianne Thomas called the meeting to order at 10 am. There were 24 members in attendance.

This is to be a busy meeting, but Marianne promised to move quickly so we can get to the picnic. At the end of the meeting we will be holding officer elections. Glenn spoke about briefly about the 5 offices (Pres, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian) and urged everyone to think about who they would like to nominate.

Next some quick updates:
• Next weekend (June 19th) the DRC is sponsering a “Home Tour” featuring 16 homes in Old Dundalk. The tour is self-guided, cost $5, and leaves from the DRC office in the Village Center.
• Fourth of July Parade: We will have a presence this year, as her Father has agreed to drive his classic Mustang in the parade for us. Becky and Glenn will walk with the banner. Becky mentioned trying to tie into the “Dundalk Memories” parade theme with vintage costumes for those in the parade; she would check with her contact about the possiblity of getting costumes. Update: Costumes are a “no go.” Instead anyone walking in the parade will wear the same t-shirts.
• Heritage Fair: We will have a presence this year. Thanks to George Owens for providing a table and chairs for us to use! For the table we will have a contest for the kids (guess how many are in the jar), our newsletter, yearbook and membership forms. There is a sign up sheet going around. We are looking for volunteers to take a two hour shift.
• Dumpster Day: We had 6 dumpsters, all of which were full by Noon. We took in $106 in donations and everyone who came was very appreciative of the day. We sent a “Thank You” to Dale Grimes for taking the electronics, old paint and tires. Next there was discussion about when to hold the next Dumpster Day. From the county we can have one FREE day per year. It was decided to keep the event in the spring. We will also look into the cost of sponsering a day at our own cost.
• Yard Sale: For those who participated, the day was a success. There were only 4 or 5 that participated in the sale – the complaint “where are all the Yard Sales?” was most often heard. There was discussion about whether to hold the event again. It was decided to have another sale in the spring, but at a central location – perhaps Heritage Park or the parking lot at the Masonic Lodge.
• Flyers: We have a seen a reduction of flyers in the neighborhood!! If you are receiving flyers, you can report the offender to the Bureau of Code Enforcement at 410-887-7174.

Treasurers Report:

New Business:
• We have learned of a Rat Eradication program taking place in four communities in Dundalk. This is being touted as a pilot program, and according to the letter from Johnny O’s office if it is a success, it will be expanded. The ODNA will write a letter to Johnny O’s office to find out what we need to do to move our name up on the list and to be included in the next round of the program.
• There is a debate of candidates running for state office scheduled on the June 30th at CCBC Theater, 7pm. The ODNA will support the debate by submitting questions for the candidates. A list of questions was compiled.
o Note: Primary election day is September 14th and for the first time, Maryland will participate in early voting this year beginning September 3rd at the North Point Library. Jordon pointed out that the Primary Elections are very important as many of the state candidates are running unopposed by the other party, meaning if they win the primary, the essentially win the election.
o Update:
• Marianne then presented Recognition Awards to Brenda Shepherd and Becky Terjung. Brenda has helped to organize our social events and is always there behind the scenes willing to help. Becky jumped into the position of Secretary part-way through the term and has brought much enthusiasm to the role.


After nominations and voting, the ODNA officers for the next two years are:

President: Becky Terjung
Vice President: Glenn Shaffer
Treasurer: Debbie Martin
Secretary: Rita Evans
Historian: Karen Frye, with Kay Klasmeier’s help.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Terjung

Meeting Minutes - April 10, 2010

Old Dundalk Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
Saturday, April 10, 2010
Quarterly Meeting -- DRC Office

President Marianne Thomas called the meeting to order at 10 am. There were over 20 members in attendance.

Marianne began by showing off the new banner we’ve had made. The banner will be used at the upcoming Heritage Fair, 4th of July Parade, Concerts in the Park and anywhere else we set up a table.

Marianne also thanked Ralph Wilkes for opening and setting up the DRC office for our meeting.

Next some quick updates:
Becky contacted Christopher Mann, the owner of the Dundalk Avenue McD’s about the construction that was planned for this spring. Chris replied that they had encountered delays with Baltimore County and is having to make some minor changes to the building. He estimated that construction would not begin until June.

Debbie contacted Patrick at Ryan Homes about the project on Yorkway. Patrick indicated that they had had a good response to the project and had 6 homes under contract. (The Dundalk Eagle reported that there were only 3 under contract. It is unknown why there is a difference in the number.) The model house is expected to be open in the late April, early May.

Marianne has been following up on Family Dollar. The dumpsters have been moved to the rear of the store, though the grassy areas have not yet been repaired. It was noted that the area outside the store and the inside of the store itself looks better, cleaner. Family Dollar does appear to be trying to clean up.
Rick Ferguson has requested that the county place a “Big Belly” trash can in front of the Family Dollar. The can would have an ad on the side for Family Dollar, which would hopefully make it a win-win for all involved.

There was discussion of the trash at the Village Center in general. Marianne will follow up with the DRC. Ethel Corbitt volunteered to follow up with the Department of Rec and Parks about trash pick up and grass cutting in the parks.

Debbie reported that the application and fee for our non-profit status has been mailed to the IRS.

Marianne reported that the law about flyers is in place. Flyers are still appearing the neighborhood. Debbie will follow up with John Olszewski’s office about who to call about enforcing the ban.
Response from John Olszewski’s office
From: County Council District 7
Sent: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 2:48 pm
Subject: Re: Illegal Flyers
Ms. Martin:
Thank you for your email. You are correct; this law passed and went into effect in January. All complaints should be reported to the Bureau of Code Enforcement at 410-887-7174.
If you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance to you please feel free to call or email my District Office.
Councilman John Olszewski, Sr.

Finally, Marianne reported that the Welcome Bags have been put together and a being distributed. There has been some very positive feedback from our New Neighbors who have received bags.

Treasurers Report: Since last meeting, we have had 6 new members including one new lifetime member. Our largest expense has been the non-profit application fee of $520.00

Old Dundalk Neighborhood Association
Financial Report for March 31, 2010
Memberships - annual $1,740.00
less: returned items ($10.00)
Memberships - lifetime $1,000.00
Donations $152.00
Cake raffles $129.00
Sales: t-shirts/hats $100.00
C.O.P. Grant $1,850.00
Income total: $4,961.00
Total expenditures: ($3,275.42)
Bank balance as of Mar. 31, 2010 $1,685.58
Hall rental $250.00
Picnic, PO Box, plaque $156.38
Postage, newsletter $161.20
Promotional materials $94.56
Administrative supplies $18.01
Non-Profit filing fees $520.00
Bank supplies $45.40
Bank service charges $7.00
Meeting supplies $22.30
Dumpster day supplies $45.96
Gazebo $102.82
C.O.P. Grant $1,851.79
Expenditures total: $3,275.42

Dumpster Day is April 17, 2010 from 7am to Noon. Debbie is looking for volunteers to help coordinate the event.

UPDATE: The event was very well received. Our 6 dumpsters were full by 11am! All who came with trash where very appreciative of the event and asked when the next one would be. Thanks to our volunteers who helped direct traffic and move all that trash from the cars and trucks into the dumpsters! Many who were turned away were concerned about having to pay if they went out to the dump at Cove Road. “In general, Baltimore County Residents may take up to 2 loads of trash per week (max 6 loads per year) from their homes in a car, SUV, minivan, or pickup (bed of 4’x 8’ or less) to the center for FREE disposal.” From the Baltimore County Trash and Recycling Program Guide (Download Your Trash/Recycling Schedule or Report a Problem)

Community Yard Sale: We will have our Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 15th. The Yard Sale will be held in each participants own yard, not in a central location. If you plan to participate, let Becky know and she will compile a list / map that can be distributed. Also, Becky will coordinate with the DRC, who is hosting several open houses that day for the properties they have renovated. Becky will also place ads in the Dundalk Eagle, Baltimore Sun and anywhere else she can get a free listing. The rain date will be Sunday, May 16th.

Fourth of July Parade: Becky mentioned that she felt the ODNA should participate in the parade. While a full blown float is a little ambitious, it was agreed that we should get a car or at the very least walk with our banner in the parade. Becky will get the parade application.

Heritage Fair: We will again have a booth at the Heritage Fair. In addition to our banner, we will create a flyer for people to take and have the guessing game for kids. It was suggested that we include the COP information on our flyer.

Summer Concerts: Marianne asked if the group wanted to continue to have a table at the summer concerts in the park. It was agreed that having a representation at as many events as we can was a good idea. Marianne will check with the DRC for a schedule of events and create a sign up sheet.

Nomination and Elections: Becky reminded everyone about the upcoming elections in June. All board positions are up for re-election. Descriptions of the each position are attached – if you have any questions about a particular position, please call or email the current board member. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Nominations are being accepted now, though the June meeting.

Green Committee: Rick Ferguson reported on the pervious pavers that have been installed at the homes being renovated by the DRC on Broadship. These pavers are specially designed to support the weight of a vehicle, while being porous enough to let water through. This helps to cut the amount of storm water runoff that affects the bay. Custom Stoneworks & Design ( is the firm who did the work for the DRC, but there are others listed in the yellow pages.
• This lead to a discussion about those parking on the grassy areas and lawns in the neighborhood. It looks terrible and it is not legal to park on these areas.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June, 12, 2010 in the YMCA - Community Center at 10am. After the meeting (around Noon) we will be hosting our annual picnic in Heritage Park.
• In planning for next year’s meetings, the group agreed to Saturday mornings and to meeting at the YMCA - Community Center. We will also try to arrange for some speakers and these may be at meetings in the evenings during the week.
• Marianne will contact Megan Weiss, mentioned in the Dundalk Eagle, about possibly speaking to our group about dealing with rats.
• This lead to a discussion about the problem. Questions were asked about what the county is doing besides issuing citations, about the fact that there is an impression that things are getting worse not better and about prevention – what works, what doesn’t.
• Marianne also had an email from Rhonda Crisp about a setting up a debate among local candidates running for office this fall. ODNA will respond that we are interested in attending such a debate and would like to present questions for the candidates.

Marianne then concluded the meeting with our cake raffle and a chance for members to voice any other concerns they may have.
• The Dundalk Post Office was discussed. The building is not clean and is in need of repair.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Terjung